iway driving school surrey

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your professional services! ...Maddie passed first time yesterday and we were delighted with how you helped her get there!

Fantastic, personal service - couldn't be more happy with the results - worth every $ - Johnathan Christian.

Maddie (own car) - Langley

iway driving school surrey

There were so many extra pointers that I learned during the driving lessons. That hands-on experience, and extra tips, gave me enough confidence to pass my road test.

Sara - Langley

iway driving school surrey

Thankyou for helping

me pass my test.

Madison - Langley

iway driving school surrey

Thanks Brett, thanks for scheduling last minute test .

Cody - Abottsford




Langley driving school

Thanks for  making parallel parking easier

Meaghan - Maple Ridge




Langley driving school

Thankyou for  helping me pass & pay as you  go, so much easier

Leanne - Surrey




Langley driving school

iway driving school finally gave me the opportunity to pass my road test. Brett pushed me to do the best I could, and because of that the road test came as a breeze! Thanks again!

Kelly - Surrey




Langley driving school

Thanks for  teaching me & helping me pass, its great to have my 'N'

Sulo- Langley




Langley driving school

It's been a great experience having Brett as a driving instructor. He was very committed to my success in the road test. His continuous feedback while I was in the driver's seat helped me with some bad habits and mistakes. His explanations are clear and he is so detailed that some times I believed it was the examiner next to me
I highly recommend Brent.

Jorge- Surrey




Langley driving school

We came from Port Moody after seeing  iway driving school car in Coquitlam, thanks for meeting us at scott road and helping me pass test

Bennet- Surrey




surrey driving school

Thanks Brett for your help and taking me to surrey for test

Clara (senior) - Surrey




surrey driving school

i passed, thankyou so much for sqeezing in the lessons

Junnessa (own car)- Surrey




surrey driving school

it was easier than i thought, thanks Brett

Sara- Surrey




surrey driving school

Thankyou  thankyou thanyou, & thankyou for making me do the shoulder checks

Diana - Abbotsford




surrey driving school

Thankyou so much for teaching Justin he said you were very good, I will call you when my daughter turns 16 next year.  Kyung Ran Oh  (Mum)


Thanks Brett I learned a lot, and near perfect on my test

Justin - Langley




surrey driving school

Wow I passed, thanks it was easier, so happy thankyou

Arshpreet - Langley




iway driving school langley

thanks Brett for all your help, I passed first time

Ruby - Surrey




iway driving school langley

Thankyou  I'm so happy I passed first time

Trista - Langley

Brett helped my daughter get her N on her first test with only two minor mistakes, he was patient understanding and helped her with her confidence. Look no further. When my son turns 16 Brett is our first call.

Darwin Tetreault - Dad




iway driving school langley

It was easier, thanks Brett , Surrey was much easier to learn in than New West

River - Surrey




iway driving school langley

Thankyou  so happy to pass, Langley was much better than Maple Ridge

Salman - Langley




langley driving school

OMG! i passed, I did it , thanks Brett

Amanda - Surrey




langley driving school

Thankyou  I passed, I'm so happy

Issabell - Surrey




langley driving school

Thankyou for finding time last minute & helping with parking & school zones

Andrew - Port Coquitlam




langley driving school

"Brett is the best! He never stopped believing me and didn't beat around the bush when telling me when and where I made mistakes and immediately got me to fix any bad habits. Thanks for pushing me to do my best!"   :)

Lisa - Surrey



driving school langley


"Passed my road test on the first try! Definitely wouldn't have done it without my fantastic driving instructor. Thank you IWay Driving School!!"

Jenzen - Surrey




"Thanks Brett for being patient & working with me to help me become a more visual safe driver"

Talvin - Surrey



driving school langley

thanks Brett, parking was easier & thanks for helping me pass my test

Cole - Abbotsford




Thankyou, I learned a lot and happy to have passed first time, thanks Brett

Patrik - Surrey




Thanks for your help, so happy I passed

Melissa - PoCo




Surrey Driving School

Thankyou, You were so great, and patient, thanks Brett for helping me with everything

Georgina - Surrey




Surrey Driving School

Passed first time, I am so happy, Thankyou iWay

Josie - Abbotsford




Thankyou, I did it

Thanks Brett

Jazmyn - PoCo




Surrey Driving School

Thankyou iWay for helping finally get my license

Tairn - Langley




Surrey Driving School

Thankyou,  i am so happy to see this picture it was only my wish to be included here. thank you brett for teaching me how you drive safe and defensive driver! highly recommended

David - Langley




Surrey Driving School

Thankyou Brett very much appreciate everything you done for me

Courtney - Langley

March 1 2016




Surrey Driving School

Thankyou, very happy

Thanks Brett

Spencer - Langley

March 2 2016




Surrey Driving School

Thankyou thankyou for helping me

Emily - PoCo

March 3 2016




Surrey Driving School

Thankyou, Finally got my 'N'

Bretts the man to see at iWay Driving School

Brock - Surrey

March 10 2016




Surrey Driving School

I am so happy, Thankyou iWay, thanks Brett for everything

Erin - PoCo

March 11 2016




Surrey Driving School

Thankyou, Very Professional , Affordable great service. Awesome thanks Brett

James - Langley

March 18 2016




Surrey Driving School

Passed first time, I did it, I couldnt have done it without you Thankyou

Kristin - Langley

March 21 2016




Surrey Driving School

Thanks Brett for all your help

Ethan - Surrey

March 24 2016




langley Driving School

Thankyou iWay for all your help. Thanks Brett

Paula - PoCo

March 30 2016




langley Driving School

Thankyou, I passed, thanks for being a great instructor.

Thanks Brett

Connor - Surrey

April 5 2016




langley Driving School

I passed, I am so happy, Its thanks to you I have my license today, thankyou so much Brett

Rosy - Surrey

April 6 2016




langley Driving School

I got my 'N' its so cool. 

Thanks Brett

Selena - Abbotsford

April 18 2016




 IWay Driving School

thankyou so much Brett

Julianna - Langley

April 20 2016




Langley Driving School

Thanks for helping me and taking me around the area and showing me tricky places it really helped make it all easier. Thankyou so much.

Stiles - Langley

April 22 2016